#1 In Contrast Media intermediates & Saccharin (Artificial Sweetener) in India


Scaling up Pharmaceutical Intermediates / API for Generics and NCE’s

Experience in executing projects from Lab Scale to Commercialization in dedicated manufacturing block

Robust Chemistry Capabilities & Strong Regulatory Support

We are a global, science-led, pharmaceutical company evolved as Strategic Partner for Collaboration, Development & Manufacturing of advance Pharmaceutical Intermediates and API.
Having 53 years of history, our know-how and expertise has grown over many years in the development, scale up and commercialization which has now been expanded to include contract development.
As a result of continued pipeline delivery and commercial execution we have a longstanding, extensive relationships with our customers.


Our vision is to be integrated growth partner of choice in Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare arena.

  • Follow the Element – Identifying and Implementing cutting-edge Process for Products at all phases leading to a Robust and Customized approach
  • Continuing to Grow through New Projects, Products and Technology
  • Making Strategic Acquisition and Investments
  • Capabilities & Capacities- Expanding in New and Existing Business Segments
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