Our Company


About Us

With a 50-year heritage, Blue Jet Healthcare is a global science-lead pharmaceutical company evolved as strategic partner for collaboration, development, and manufacturing. Strengthened and positioned with abilities to develop and commercialised complex chemistry products with focus on perusing transformative science.

We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of contrast media intermediate, Saccharin and its salts (Artificial Sweeteners) in India. Blue Jet Healthcare offers complete integrated contract manufacturing services to support the full development of API and intermediates based on strong knowledge in both, chemical and engineering processes, in CGMP environment including a complete regulatory coverage. Headquartered in Mumbai (India), Blue Jet Healthcare has 3 manufacturing facilities which are strategically located and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Our Strategy

Follow the Element - Constantly develop cutting-edge Process for Products at all phases leading to a Robust and Customized approach.
Continuing to Grow through New Projects and Product Launches
Making Strategic Acquisition and Investments
Capabilities & Capacities – Expanding in New and Existing Business Segments

Our Purpose and Values

To be a prominent player in the Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare arena.

Through custom synthesis and manufacturing excellence our mission is to unable customers to improve quality of life for their patience throughout the world while creating values.
We commit ourself to collaborative values, create value through superior, chemical products and operate as a responsible company.
Building trust and respect of our customers, shareholders and employees using science, technology and sustainable processes in harmony with the environment.

Ethics and Sustainability

We have grown without increasing our environmental footprint because we conserve natural resources. Our R&D division drives sustainable growth by implementing solvent recovery processes. We has developed a chemical management system to access a chemicals database for information about safety.
Blue Jet Healthcare upholds best practices in plant maintenance and operations to safeguard the health of our professionals. Our employees undergo medical checkups at regular intervals while technicians involved in processes related to chemicals undergo rigorous health tests.
We inculcates safety by running a monthly/yearly safety campaign, ensuring safety awareness among plant workers. Our emergency response and crisis management plan ensures that plants are equipped to address unforeseen events. Surprise mock drills are undertaken to ensure preparedness in the event of an emergency.
Social responsibility:-
We believes that the local community where we operate is a key constituent of growth. We partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in secondary education, skills development, employability and infrastructure development, healthcare, sanitation, environmental sustainability, protection of national heritage, art, and culture.